Priscilla and Penelope

Meet Priscilla and Penelope, an inseparable pair of American Pitbull Terriers who are each other's constant companions. These two delightful females, at the prime age of 2, are on the lookout for a new family to share their love with. Hailing from Concord, CA, they're more than willing to journey to their forever home.

Priscilla, with her vibrant personality, has an endearing habit of clutching a stuffed animal in her mouth. Playful and brimming with energy, she's always up for a game of fetch or a romp in the yard. Priscilla's friendly nature extends to everyone she meets – strangers quickly become friends under her warm gaze. Her social skills extend to her fellow canines; she's a shining example of harmony when it comes to interactions with other dogs.

On the other side of this dynamic duo is Penelope, a gentle soul radiating sweetness and affection. While she may sometimes appear shy, her heart overflows with love for those around her. With her distinctive black spots and captivating green eyes, Penelope is a true sight to behold. Basking in the sun's warmth is one of her favorite pastimes – relaxation and contentment personified.

Both Priscilla and Penelope are responsible pups, having received their vaccinations, been spayed, and microchipped for their safety. Priscilla weighs in at approximately 50lbs, while Penelope is 75lbs.

These two companions have forged an unbreakable bond that would flourish in a home equipped with a secure, fenced yard.

Whether it's playtime, cuddles, or simply lounging in the sun, Priscilla and Penelope promise to bring an abundance of joy, love, and canine camaraderie to their new family.

Dog: Primary Breed: American Pitbull Terrier
Age/Birthdate: 06/13/2021
Age Category: Adult
Gender: Female
Size Category: Large
Primary Color: White (Mostly)
Medical Care:
Spayed or Neutered
Up-to-date all vaccines
Special Diet
Special Needs
Dog Personality:
Constant Companion
High Energy
Medium Energy
Low Energy
Needs Training
Friendly to Strangers
Good with Other Dogs
Good with Young Children
Good with Cats
Bonded Pair
Requires A Fenced Yard
Crate Trained
Zip Code: 94521
Long Distance?: Will travel, anywhere!
Needs a Foster Family:
Adoption Fee: $150
Rehoming Reason: Changes in Lifestyle or Housing
City, State: Concord, CA