Introducing Bisquit: Your Charming Russian Blue Companion

Meet Bisquit, a captivating 4-year-old Russian Blue hailing from Avenue, MD. Weighing in at a sturdy 12 pounds, Bisquit is a striking feline with a personality as unique as his plush, slate-blue coat.

One of Bisquit's most endearing qualities is his love for communication. He's a talkative fellow who'll engage in lively conversations with you throughout the day. Whether he's sharing his thoughts on the weather or simply seeking your attention, his melodious meows are sure to warm your heart.

When it comes to playtime, Bisquit is always ready for action. He has a particular fondness for a shark toy and can't resist a game of fetch with it. String and feather toys are also high on his list of favorites, and he'll pounce and bat at them with enthusiasm. However, it's worth noting that Bisquit can play rough at times, adding excitement to your play sessions. If you're looking for an active and spirited playmate, Bisquit is your ideal companion.

Affectionate and friendly, Bisquit adores being picked up and cuddled. He's a true lap cat who revels in those moments of closeness with his human family. His purrs of contentment are a testament to the joy he finds in your company.

Bisquit does have one unique aspect to his health – he's been FIV positive since birth. However, it's important to note that he hasn't experienced any health issues related to this condition. To ensure his well-being, it's advised that he be the only cat in the household. This allows him to thrive in a stress-free environment.

Rest assured, Bisquit's health is meticulously cared for. His vaccinations are up to date, and he's already been neutered, making him a hassle-free addition to your family. He's also a responsible litter user, though he prefers a particular brand, so it's best to accommodate his feline tastes.

In summary, Bisquit is an exceptional Russian Blue who's ready to charm his way into your heart. With his lively personality, love for play, and affectionate nature, he's an ideal companion for anyone seeking a feline friend. If you're ready to welcome this delightful 12-pound bundle of joy into your home, you're in for a lifetime of companionship and love with Bisquit by your side.

Cat: Primary Breed: Russian Blue
Age/Birthdate: May 5th, 2019
Age Category: Adult
Gender: Male
Weight (pounds): 12
Size Category: Large
Primary Color: Gray
Medical Care:
Spayed or Neutered
Up-to-date all vaccines
Special Diet
Special Needs
Cat Purr-sonality:
Friendly to Family
Friendly to Strangers
Enjoys being picked up
Bonded Pair
Good with Dogs
Good with Other Cats
Good with Young Children
Zip Code: 20609
Long Distance?: Local family preferred
Needs a Foster Family:
Rehoming Reason: Personal Health Issues
City, State: Avenue, MD