Meet Rey!

A one-year-old German Shepherd-Husky mix hailing from Gulfport, Mississippi. This sweet girl will travel anywhere for her loving family and is ready to embark on adventures wherever they may lead!

Rey has quite a journey behind her. Rescued from harsh conditions, she endured abuse and neglect before being left to fend for herself. Despite her past, this resilient pup has not lost her zest for life!

Her favorite pastimes include chewing on bones, playing with toys, and indulging in the occasional shoe (for dogs, of course!). Despite her tumultuous start, Rey has retained her loving and playful nature, showcasing resilience and an unwavering capacity for affection.

While she may initially display signs of timidity, Rey is quick to warm up to those who show her kindness and patience. She does well with young children, enjoying the energy and playfulness they bring. She longs for a family who will provide her with the love and security she deserves, and she is ready to reciprocate that love!

To ensure her happiness and safety, Rey requires a fenced-in yard where she can explore and play freely. She thrives in an environment filled with patience, understanding, and affection. Her ideal family will embrace her high energy and playful antics, providing her with the care and attention she needs to thrive.

Ray, is a 50-pound bundle of energy and Husky spirit. She can be timid in public when encountering strangers but excels on the leash and tends to stick close to those she trusts. In the presence of strangers, she retreats to her kennel, remaining shy and quiet. Rey craves ample space, loves to run and play outdoors, and would be an excellent companion for running and hiking enthusiasts. She's particularly fond of chasing laser lights at night, which is a great way to burn off her excess energy. Despite her initial shyness, Ray is incredibly sweet and gentle, although she has a love for destroying toys and engaging in typical Husky behaviors such as digging and vocalizing.

Rest assured, Rey is up-to-date on her vaccines, spayed, and microchipped, ready to embark on the next chapter of her life. If you're interested in learning more about this sweet girl or opening your heart and home to Rey, please reach out to us directly at [email protected]!

Dog: Primary Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Breed, if not listed above: Shepherd Husky Mix
Age/Birthdate: January 2023
Age Category: Young
Gender: Female
Weight (pounds): 50
Size Category: Medium
Color/Pattern: Black (Mostly)
Medical Care:
Spayed or Neutered
Up-to-date all vaccines
Special Diet
Special Needs
Dog Personality:
Constant Companion
High Energy
Medium Energy
Low Energy
Needs Training
Friendly to Strangers
Good with Other Dogs
Good with Young Children
Good with Cats
Bonded Pair
Requires A Fenced Yard
Crate Trained
City, State: Gulfport, MS
Zip Code: 39501
Long Distance?: Will travel, anywhere!
Status: Active
Adoption Fee: $150
Rehoming Reason: Changes in Lifestyle or Housing