Meet Yogi!

An energetic approximately eight-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier from San Diego, CA, whose essence is a bundle of playful energy wrapped in a stunning white coat with black patches. With his bright eyes and boundless enthusiasm, Yogi is ready to bring joy and companionship to his future forever family!

Yogi's 60 pound athletic build and charming appearance make him a standout in any setting! Despite his youthful exuberance, Yogi has already received formal obedience training and knows essential commands like "sit" and "stay." This smart pup is eager to please and quick to learn, making him a wonderful companion for someone willing to continue his training and provide him with plenty of mental stimulation.

One of Yogi's favorite activities is going on sniff walks, where he can explore the world with his nose. He has a particular fondness for playing with balls and chew toys, which keep him entertained for hours! When he's not out and about or playing, Yogi loves to nap and will happily curl up for a cozy snooze. His ideal routine includes short walks after meals and plenty of cuddle time, as Yogi is a true snuggle enthusiast who loves being close to his people!

Yogi's playful and affectionate nature makes him a constant companion, and he's crate trained, able to stay comfortably in his crate. He is also house-trained and up to date on all his vaccinations, and he's been neutered, so he's ready for a smooth transition to his new home!

While Yogi had an unfortunate incident with another dog at a dog park, he has been assessed and is not considered aggressive or dangerous. His trainer is available to speak with potential adopters to provide more insights and ensure a good match. To make sure that Yogi has a great start with his new family, we have a canine behaviorist available for a free consultation as well.

Given his history, Yogi would likely do best as the only pet in his new home, where he can receive all the love and attention he craves. If you're looking for a playful, loving companion who will be your shadow and snuggle buddy, Yogi is the perfect match!

Ready to welcome this charming boy into your life and create new adventures together? Contact us at [email protected] today!



Dog: Primary Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Age/Birthdate: September 2023
Age Category: Young
Gender: Male
Weight (pounds): 60
Color/Pattern: White (Mostly)
Medical Care:
Spayed or Neutered
Up-to-date all vaccines
Special Diet
Special Needs
Dog Personality:
Constant Companion
High Energy
Medium Energy
Low Energy
Needs Training
Friendly to Strangers
Good with Other Dogs
Good with Young Children
Good with Cats
Bonded Pair
Requires A Fenced Yard
Crate Trained
City, State: San Diego, CA
Zip Code: 92126
Long Distance?: Will travel, anywhere!
Status: Active
Adoption Fee: $150
Rehoming Reason: Other