Little Grey

Meet Little Grey!

A curious one-year-old Domestic Medium Hair from Deerfield, MA, whose sleek gray coat and inquisitive nature make her stand out from the crowd. Little Grey is with a colony of four stray cats and each one is ready to find their forever homes!

Little Grey is the unique member of her group, with a beautiful gray coat that sets her apart from her tuxedo-clad siblings. Her curiosity knows no bounds, and she’s always eager to explore new surroundings and discover new toys. Whether it’s batting at branches or chasing strings, Little Grey is always in the mood for a bit of fun!

Her playful nature is matched by a cautious approach to human interaction. While she loves being near people and purrs contentedly in their presence, she prefers to keep a safe distance for now. However, her interest in playing and her growing bravery suggest that she’s ready to start building trust with a patient and loving family!

Little Grey enjoyed the wintertime, especially when it came to chasing little snowballs. Her playful antics and curious spirit bring joy to anyone lucky enough to watch her in action. She’s up to date on vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped, prepared to make the transition to her forever home!

Can you imagine sharing your life with a curious and playful companion like Little Grey? Are you ready to provide the love and patience she needs to fully come out of her shell? If so, reach out to us at [email protected] and invite Little Grey to join your family!

Bobby is the foreman (foreperson/forecat) -

Cat: Primary Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Age/Birthdate: 01/01/2023
Age Category: Young
Gender: Female
Size Category: Medium
Color/Pattern: Gray or Blue (Mostly)
Medical Care:
Spayed or Neutered
Up-to-date all vaccines
Special Diet
Special Needs
Cat Purr-sonality:
Friendly to Family
Friendly to Strangers
Enjoys being picked up
Bonded Pair
Good with Dogs
Good with Other Cats
Good with Young Children
City, State: Deerfield, MA
Zip Code: 01373
Long Distance?: Maybe
Status: Active
Adoption Fee: $95
Rehoming Reason: Other